Monday, 24 November 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #8 - Layout

And the journey continues.

It's not that easy to put all my blocks together in a well-balanced way that pleases me. It took me probably an hour to come up with these variations. The first one isn't so good because there are two irregular stars next to each other.

In the second one the faulty snowflake (still to be re-done) is too dominant and the snowflakes are too close too each other.

I think I like this third layout best but the big snowflake is still too prominent. Maybe I should rather make a third one from parallelograms if my scraps allow for it, maybe I should consider re-doing the big snowflake with some of the beige fabric and not just my teal remnants. I'll give it a pondering. What's your take? Excess blocks aren't problematic. They'll be relegated to spicing up the backing.

Happy sewing!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Stash #21

I've acquired a few goodies to share on here over the past weeks and - shocker - most of them aren't going to be stashed and forgotten but are necessary for ongoing projects! Such as G├╝termann silk thread for accent quilting on the Winter Baby Girl Quilt as well as yardage, quilting and silk thread for my Grecian Waters HST quilt. I set my mind on silk thread after stumbling upon this gorgeousness on Pieces of Contentment.

I'm so so excited to work on this project once the baby quilt is done!

Lastly, I also found this pretty print and bought two metres for some cushion-y goodness in the future, a cheap end of  bolt cut, and snap-fasteners to replenish my stash after making baby's first dresses.

Happy sewing!

Molli Sparkles

Friday, 21 November 2014

Winter Baby Girl Quilt #7 - HST Star Blocks

Argh, I've run out of white white fabric so can't re-do my faulty snowflake today. Yes, I will re-do it. It just doesn't live up to the standards for this quilt. It might do just fine in another project but not this precious baby quilt. Nope.

Well, this little stumbling block hasn't stopped me from getting a bit more work done before visiting my parents with both my sister and nephew for the weekend. Actually, it freed up time to finally get around sewing my HSTs together.

And these blocks definitely meet my criteria for the quilt. The first one will be embroidered with little one's initial - once daddy and I finally make up our mind/finish our discussions. Hehe.

When I'm back from my mini-holiday it's time to set my mind on layouting the quilt. Hopefully it'll all come together!

Happy sewing!